Unable to get Hi Drive to Sync

I am unable to sync to HiDrive. I am already sucessfully syncing to Amazon Drive, but need to move my Files away from Amazon because the service i shutting down in 2023. I don’t know if relevant, but the HiDrive Version I am using is supplied by Strato AG in Germany.
Here is the screenshot message I get, which I do not fully understand,

Please help if you can.

Hi @mike2,
The HiDrive integration uses your username as part of the server URL. My guess is that your username having the period in it is interfering with the SSL certificate validation.

Are you able to remove the period from your username and see if that works?

thank you Tony, that solved the problem.
Took me a while to figure out how to change my user name (was easy, I just didn’t trust the instructions because it was so easy…) and the sync started then immediately.
Thanks for the prompt response and good advice.

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Great! Thanks for the follow-up @mike2