Un-mount and Mount caused all files to re-download

I am using linux CLI and once a night; i have the script run to download the placeholder files and then move the files out from this mount folder to a personal folder on my system (for safe keeping).

Today; i had to reboot the VM and the drive unmounted - when i mounted the sync again; ALL the placeholders came back down. Why was this the case?

Hi @iptvcld,
Can you clarify your flow for me?

It sounds like you are downloading files in odrive and then moving those files to another location. In this case, odrive will see the moves out of the odrive folder as deletes from the odrive folder and hold those delete commits in the odrive trash (status --trash) command. My guess is that the mounting issues caused odrive to restore those items from the odrive trash and replace the missing placeholder files.

In the case where you want to selectively download and backup items in odrive, I would recommend either:

  • Copying the downloaded items and then unsyncing them to free up space
  • Moving the items, waiting for them to be picked up as deletes, and then using the restoretrash command to restore those items back to placeholders.

If you actually want to delete the items you are moving out of the odrive folder, then you will want to use the emptytrash command to commit those deletes to your cloud storage.