UI design compromises

I’m getting very frustrated here.

While I appreciate all the new stuff you’re adding - You’re adding lots of features but not giving us the ability to control whether we want them or not.

In the past you have said that you are avoiding making too much configurable because you want to streamline the basic user experience.

This is completely fine and understandable.

But what I am not understanding is why you are trying to bolt in all the settings into the context menu of Odrive? So much of these settings would be better in the link-setup web page.

These would be hidden from general usage, but still available for advanced users. And it would simplify the odrive context menu (which I thought was your aim!)

So now the context menu has added Throttling, Auto empty trash, Auto unsync files - surely adding all those is more confusing than tucking them behind an ‘Advanced…’ menu that goes to the web site?

Sorry for the rant - I’m constantly evangelising odrive to the rest of the company, and demonstrating it and suggesting they try it out, but they are really reluctant to even try it with some of these problems.

Many thanks for the continued improvements,

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We’re aware of the growing nature of both our right-click context menu and our desktop tray icon–it’s something we’ve discussed internally, too, over the past couple of weeks. We definitely want to address it, but we needed to get those features out first at so that users (who had been asking for them) could benefit from them before we sat down to figure out how to rearrange things.

Hopefully we will be able to get to it sooner than later, but there’s definitely a lot going on right now, so we appreciate your patience.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and sharing odrive with your company. We’re listening.


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I understand that I perhaps came across as a little short & sharp in my recent posts, but I absolutely appreciate everything you’re doing with odrive and the compromises & decisions you’re having to make. It’s already a life-saver in so many ways that I’d hate to see anything go wrong.

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