Two Google Drive Accounts


I’m using Odrive to have two different Google Drive accounts syncing. But I dont really understand how it works, I have both folders on Odrive Sync, but Google Drive app can only sync one folder. Yet if Odrive is syncing why whould I use Google Drive… I’m quite confused. If someone could tell me how to set this up properly that would be great. Currently I have both Google Drive accounts linked on Odrive, both folder on Odrive Sync and Google Drive app syncing just one account.
What should be syncing and what shouldn’t?


odrive doesn’t make use of the Google desktop app and is actually meant to be a replacement for it. If you have both accounts linked to odrive, then you should be able to use the odrive desktop app exclusively, without needing the Google desktop app anymore.

Are you able to successfully sync to both accounts with the odrive desktop app?


Yes, thanks. I had too many files, but now I removed Google Drive App eveything works fine.

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How is ownership handled? If a file is uploaded, who is the owner?

Ownership is dictated by the account linked. Multiple Google accounts are still separated by top-level link folders. The views are not completely merged.

For example:

Awesome. So a file is designated to its linked account? Thanks!

Yup! odrive allows you to link all of your stuff and view it in a single folder, but it still keeps those accounts separate enough to manage individually. Any files you drop into a linked folder will fall under the rules and permissions of that specific linked account.