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I just installed odrive to “sync” files to the cloud. It did that quite well, but now it has removed the physical files from my desktop and replaced them with placeholders. Is there a way to keep the original files on my local drive and turn off placeholders? Two reasons…I mirror files locally between 2 internal drives (C: drive for the operating system only) which is now not going to work AND you have now created the same situation I just tried to eliminate…My files are in one location only again…the cloud. I want them in the cloud AND local. What if there is some issue with your provider?? I hope I am missing something here and someone can explain where I might be using this software incorrectly. Thanks.

Generally your files will remain local unless you have chosen to unsync files manually, or you have configured auto unsync: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-disk-space#section-configure-auto-unsync

To have all of your files local and keep them that way:

  1. Make sure auto unsync is set to never
  2. Do not unsync any files of folders manually
  3. Perform a recursive sync on the folders you want local (or the odrive folder if you want everything), move the slider to “Everything”, check the “Include subfolders” box, and click on the big sync icon.

Tony…Unsync was set to never and I did not unsync anything manually, yet place holders showed up randomly. Now my 7 day trial is up and Odrive will no longer sync anything, saying it is a premium feature. The free version should allow me to sync ONLY correct? That actually solves my issue as I do not want to use unsync.

Hi @vph1963,
You are correct that you will now not have unsync without Premium. The Free version will still allow you to sync. For more details please take a look at this thread:

I started this thread 6 years ago and I still have the same issue. I get random .cloud files and I have unsync set to never. How do I stop this?

Hi @vph1963,
It is nice to see that you are still using odrive!

If you can do the following, I can take a deep look and see if I can identify why some items were turned into placeholders:

  1. Provide an example path or two for files where this happened.
  2. send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu:

Diagnostics sent. N:\KH Show Files was impacted.

Hi @vph1963,
It looks like you aren’t running the latest version, which can provide some additional information. Can you please update to the latest from here? Set Up Your odrive

Just exit odrive and install.

After it comes back up, can you please send another diagnostic?

It looks like there is quite a bit of stuff in here. Can you point out some specific files that were unsynced, or was the entire contents of the folder unsynced?

Update complete. I did not keep a list of the files that I synced as I had to do them in bulk due to the volume. I can say there were a ton in this directory…N:\My Pictures Krissy2.

New diagnostics sent.

Hi @vph1963,

I am not seeing anything that stands out (no explicit unsync actions taken by odrive). Now that we have the new version installed, the next time you see this happen, we can look at the specific item that it happened to. Having a specific file path will be the most helpful.

I will also look to see if there is any additional logging we can add to further pinpoint when a file might be changing state.

OK. Sounds like a plan. Thanks for reviewing for me.

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Hey Tony. It happened again. Here is the file and path…

M:\My Home Video\Our Video\Raw Video\20180729182926 (2).m2ts.cloud

Diagnostics have been sent

Hi @vph1963,
I’m not seeing any references to that file in the last 6 days or so.

If you can zip up the C:\Users\Victor\.odrive\log folder, I can look back further to see if I can trace any activity with this particular file.

Please note that there is a period in front of the .odrive folder, and it is hidden, so you may need to enable viewing hidden files to see and navigate into that folder.