Trouble logging in

cant remember how I logged on to odrive, and now my extremely important dropbox is being "held hostage" by o drive since I cant figure out how to login! Just registered a new account (this one) to try to troubleshoot in the forum because of O drives lack of support!!

Pasting in my conversation with “support” which still has`t contacted me even though they said they’d come back to me within 24 hours 30. november 2015

(12:06:12 PM) *** Visitor 98382704 joined the chat ***
(12:06:13 PM) Aleks Weetman: Hi! I cant remember how I logged on to odrive, and now my extremely important dropbox is being "held hostage" by drive since I cant figure out how to login! Please help. asap.
(12:22:48 PM) *** Carmela joined the chat ***
(12:25:27 PM) Aleks Weetman: Hi Carmela, u there?
(12:25:38 PM) Carmela: Hi Aleks, did you forget your username or your password?
(12:25:45 PM) Aleks Weetman: both
(12:26:18 PM) Aleks Weetman: Thought I had used, but that doesn’t work…
(12:26:27 PM) Aleks Weetman: as username
(12:26:41 PM) Carmela: Did you try that one and click on forgot password?
(12:27:12 PM) Aleks Weetman: yes, then I was told username or password is incorrect iI think…
(12:28:19 PM) Carmela: Do you have other email addresses to try?
(12:28:30 PM) Aleks Weetman: nope
(12:29:12 PM) Carmela: when you click on forgot password and enter that email, are you getting error?
(12:33:55 PM) Aleks Weetman: I received a new drive update today, but I didn’t dare to update and relaunch. Should I try that now? Dont remember exactly what I ve benn told earlier… have been struggling with this for some time now and haven’t found a place to get support and since i couldn’t figure out how to logon I haven’t been able to ask in the forum or whatever, but now I found you… shall I proceed with the relaunch and tell what I’m told?
(12:36:42 PM) Carmela: Let me verify that first with our product specialist.
(12:36:53 PM) Aleks Weetman: Thanx!!!
(12:37:38 PM) Carmela: Our odrive team resumes support at 9:00 A.M. PST.
(12:38:01 PM) Carmela: Would you prefer to be contacted via email or via phone call?
(12:39:15 PM) Aleks Weetman: Thats in aprox 5 hours from now right?
(12:39:23 PM) Aleks Weetman: i m i oslo, norway…
(12:40:08 PM) Aleks Weetman: phone call is probably more effective, teah…
(12:40:14 PM) Carmela: They should be in in 3-4 hrs from now
(12:40:20 PM) Aleks Weetman: *yeah
(12:40:27 PM) Carmela: sure, I’ll have them call you then.
(12:41:10 PM) Aleks Weetman: Thanx a bunch! I s there an e mail I can reach somebody on, In case something…?
(12:46:15 PM) Carmela: When this chat closes, it will automatically create a support ticket.
(12:46:51 PM) Carmela: By the way, someone from our odrive team advised you to post your concern at the odrive forum
(12:48:56 PM) Aleks Weetman: yes, but like I said, I can’t log on to the forum - thats the problem!
(12:52:08 PM) *** Carmela left the chat ***
(12:54:44 PM) *** Aleks Weetman left the chat ***

Yes, please proceed with the new update and relaunch since its always recommended to use latest product version. After applying update you can open tray menu --> Authorized User to reveal which service you have used to signed-up with odrive =)

Hopefully, It will resolve your main issue. If problem still persists please “Send Diagnostics” from tray menu, reply back to this thread and someone from the team will shortly look at it.

Ok, so I relaunched and clicked on Authorized user. - 3 alternatives: Google and are “greyed out” and Deauthorize is highlighted. Username is the address I reregistered today to join the forum… Thanx for getting back to me on this btw… Sendt diagnostics now…

Hi Alx,
There may be some confusion here. At the very least you can access your Dropbox account from Dropbox’s web app: odrive is a client to Dropbox, which means we do not store your data. Your data is all still in Dropbox, as it always was.

You said above that you are logged into the odrive desktop client with If you want to access Dropbox, just click on “Manage Links” in the odrive tray menu and Click on “Get More Links”. Choose Dropbox, and link in your Dropbox account. That is all you need to do to start accessing Dropbox via odrive.

If you have forgotten your Dropbox login, you can recover it from Dropbox’s website here:


Its still a lot of files i can’t open because the file name .cloudfx can’t find the right program to open with… Ans When I open “Finder” on my Mac and go to dropbox I used to be able to two finger-click and choose share dropboxlink and it was copiedd to the clipboard… Now the option is placed with odrive Pro Sync… At this point I`m so sick of dealing with this that I would just like to uninstall odrive. havent got time for any more back & forth… (eventually use it again later) But without losing any of my files… Can you please tell med how? I won’t lose any data right?
Thanx for answering btw!

Uninstall is probably the best option because I am not clear what has been done on your system to this point. To do this, please follow the instructions in this post:

Once uninstalled, a reinstall of odrive should bring you back into a known good state when things work as expected.