Trash Management Interface

Some of the folder I have synched contain Database files for clients that I work on, while testing them they create a lot of temporary files that get put into oDrive Trash, daily this can be 600+ items.

On the oDrive menu pop-out there is not enough room to see all the items in my trash, I would like a way to review the files to make sure I am not deleting something I need. Maybe a resizable box with the items listed and a check box to allow selecting which items to delete from trash and which to restore.


Thank you for the suggestion!

We are currently creating another feature that might help. You will have the ability to ignore files by extension. Would it be better if odrive could simply igore your temp files?


Hi Peter,

Yes, that would solve the multiple temp files issue in the trash bin issue.

Having the ability to better manage the trash files would give some comfort until users were confident with the files being deleted, the feeling of “is it [moving to trash/deleting] files that I need” is something users currently have to just jump in with and trust that the app is working as expected. Having the files ‘held’ in trash until the user chooses to empty the trash and delete them from the destination location is a nice safety net though.

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Agreed that the interface for managing items in the trash bin is a necessity. I’m also perplexed by the ellipses on the file menu with the trashed files - it implies an additional screen or more information is available, but instead the link is disabled.

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