Trash files manually from the Odrive app

Hi, How I have my Odrive linked with Amazon Drive and can’t seem to trash the files from the Odrive app.

Currently when I go to the Amazon Drive App or online they are all in there. I do receive the notifications about having several files in the Odrive’s trash.

At the moment I only have an option called ‘auto empty trash’ which is only for premium users. – The Question: Is it really possible to trash the files on Odrive App manually somehow so they disappear from the Amazon Drive?


When you empty the trash it is emptying the “odrive trash”, which is sort of a staging area we have as a safeguard against accidental/unwanted deletes.

In the case of Amazon, deletes we send to them, once you empty the odrive trash, are kept in their own trash. If you want to permanently delete these files, you need to do so from the Amazon web client.

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