Transfered Data to new drive with same name and folder structure - will odrive recognize this as the same data and continue to sync?

I recently had a portable drive that i had sync’d to odrive go corrupt but I was able to safe the data and transfer it to a new portable drive. I have named the drive the same as the previous drive and have the same folder structure but odrive isn’t recognizing it as the same syn’d drive and backing up any of the updates made on the drive. Is there a way to relink the backup files that odrive sync’d to Amazon Cloud so i don’t have to reback up the entire drive (its 3 TB).


I did something similar on linux with odrive CLI and it worked fine.
Are you on a setup similar to this? I’ve never used GUI odrive.

I am not on a Linux system on a Mac OSX 10.12.6 and using a Toshiba USB 3 external drive. Did you have to do anyhitng specific to get odrive to recognize it as the same data or did it automatically recognize it

Hi @michaelbenford,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look at your setup? I want to make sure I am on the same page with what you have configured.

odrive should recognize the data as the same, in general, if it has the same size and date. Did the dates change when you copied the data over to the new drive?

thanks for responding. i have sent the diagnostics. i dont beleive the dates had changed. i did make updates to the files and add a few files top the folder structure and that is when i relaized they werent syncing. thanks for your assitence

Hi @michaelbenford,
I took a look and the ‘sync to odrive’ folders you have defined are all listed as ‘missing’. You can see these listed in in the odrive menu under ‘sync to odrive’.

If you click on one of the listed items you should also see a message listed giving you the status. If you’ve set up your external drive to the exact same path, odrive should be able to find the ‘sync to odrive’ folders, once you click on them there.