Tips and advice for oDrive in WINE

I successfully installed the Windows oDrive application in WINE on Linux Mint 18.2 Serena.

oDrive rightly syncs all of my cloud storages as .cloudf files, and does fine in that regard. The difficulty I have is that I’m not able to run windows explorer, to my knowledge.
Wine explorer is like a stripped down version, but it’s missing features. I installed Xenon File Manager, which allows you to set file associations, and set .cloudf files to be associated with odrive.exe in the Program Files folder.
Double-clicking the .cloudf doesn’t cause it to sync, though, even with oDrive running. When it’s running, it looks just like it does on Windows, with all of the same menu options available in the system tray icon.

Does anyone have a solution, or any tips for running this well within WINE? I’d preferably like to be able to right-click a folder, and sync/unsync that folder (just like in windows).
I’m completely open to trying other file managers that might do the trick.

Hi @mattzab,
I haven’t tried using odrive via WINE, but the explorer integration is probably going to be troublesome, as you have noted.

There was a post here about getting some functionality in Nautilus: