Thumbnail quality in gallery view (Dropbox)

Sending a gallery of images to a client:

The quality of the thumbnails is very low; and they’re not even the same size, though all the original images are 1920x1080.

Compare to Dropbox:

Any way to improve this?

Would also be nice to have the option of showing filename below.

Hi @Zero_G,
The thumbnails we are pulling here are actually straight from Dropbox. We are using their /thumbnails endpoint and asking for the “large” size and those images are what they are sending back to us. There isn’t a whole lot we can do to improve this since we aren’t actually generating the thumbnails.

I will pass on the filename addition to the product team.

Oh, I see … the odrive link was actually to an Amazon folder, so it must be their fault.
I guess if did an odrive link to a Dropbox folder, it would be better.

OK, thanks

For comparison, here is an odrive link to a Dropbox gallery.

Notice, the thumbnails are much higher quality … but the thumbnails in the last row are smaller than the rest. Any idea why?

Upon inspecting the img elements, they all have an inline style setting width and height. Last row is different.

Interesting … if I resize the browser window, the imgs resize dynamically, and then they’re consistent.

Looks like something in your javascript isn’t sizing correctly upon first load … ?

Also, while I’m at it … the text at the top of the gallery says “Files” — wouldn’t it be better if it had the name of the folder?

Thanks @Zero_G,
We are planning to overhaul the web client and I have passed on these observations/suggestions to the product team.