This account doesn't match

We are trying to sync but we get a error “this account doesn’t match”. we send a report, can you help us?

Hi @luis.teixeira,

I believe, you need to re-authorize your link (with same account) to continue syncing files. Would you like to see if following fixes the problem?

  1. Goto
  2. Click on link you are having trouble to browse into it, does it initiates re-authorization process? if so carry on and complete the authorization of link with same account you have used to link first time.

Please let me know the outcome and share snapshots if problem still persists (both web and desktop)


It does not resolve de problem. I send a image of the error

Well, “This account doesn’t match” error comes when user try to reauthorize link with mismatching cloud service user account. To overcome this error, be sure to log out of the cloud service account in your web browser first (let suppose if you are having trouble with OneDrive, so open a browser tab to and sign out of your user) and then authorize your account in odrive.

I believe private browsing mode will help to avoid any automatically picking up of different account session during the re-authorization process.

Chrome Browser - Incognito Mode

FireFox Browser - Private Mode

Internet Explorer Browser - InPrivate Browsing Mode