The Odrive Windows client seems to have troubles with VPN


I’m using VPN by Astrill. When it’s active, my Odrive client, though able to download files, cannot upload any files to the cloud (Google Drive in my case). When I disconnect from VPN, the upload works good.
Did I find a limitation of the Odrive Windows client? If yes, is this an official one?

Hi @postruderal,
We don’t preform any testing again a VPN network, but I would expect it to work, especially if downloads work for you. Cn you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu while trying to upload?


I’ve sended the report.

Meanwhile I fugured something out: I’m using VPN Services by Astrill. In the client settings I can choose between “OpenWeb” and “OpenVPN”. While “OpenWeb” blocks outgoing sync, “OpenVPN” has no negative impact.

Hi @postruderal,
Thanks for the update. It sounds like OpenWeb is a simpler protocol, but could have issues with transfer applications, whereas OpenVPN won’t.

Given your findings I would suggest sticking to OpenVPN when using odrive.

There are many systems that can’t allow the VPN usage.

Hi @ClaireMorrisonPi8,
Are you also seeing a problem with odrive, specifically? If so can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so we can check the error and see if it is expected?