The new Infinite File Size (IFS)

So with the new IFS share links are pretty much out the window? I saw the bash and powershell scripts but I can’t expect most people to do that.
I know you can chunk an upload in the browser can you not reassemble it?


I second this question…

So if we use the IFS to upload a large video file, the only way to view the file is to download it through the program. We can’t go to our cloud storage provider ( for example) and view the file there?

Hey guys,
We are working on providing access through the web. In fact we will provide access to IFS files through all of our client interfaces, including mobile, when it comes.

If your goal is streaming large videos then this will not work through the native web clients if the file is in an IFS format. Amazon Cloud Drive’s streaming is restricted to files less than 20 minutes in length and 2GB in size, so you are less likely to be impacted in their case, and this is the current king of large file upload storage targets because of their unlimited storage offer.

For Google Drive I know that they are less restrictive, so IFS formats may be a concern of yours. We do offer some basic streaming capabilities with IFS files through Agent and our CLI interface to the desktop (look for the “stream” command).

You always have the option to turn off IFS if you have certain files that you want to be in a native format in the cloud. I also know of one user that was having issues getting files into the cloud from home, so used IFS from home, then download and uploaded in native format from a AWS micro instance in the cloud. :wink:

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