Team Drive folder missing on Mac

I upgraded my Google Workspace account and created a couple of shared drives.

I can see the Team Drives folder and the nested shared drives on the website but they’re not showing up on my Mac.

I tried to close odrive and reopen it. That didn’t help.

I tried to Refresh the Google Drive folder and that didn’t work either.

I have a premium org subscription and I’m running odrive 7252 on an MBP with an M1 Max and macOS 12.4.

Any idea why it’s not working?

Hi @noam,
Yes this is odd, it should be listing the Team Drives folder after a restart of odrive.

Do any of the Shared Drives on Google have any content in them? Google may not list them in our request if the Drives are completely empty.

To prevent constantly asking for Team Drives, we only check on startup, so it definitely requires a restart, if you don’t see it listed after performing a right-click->refresh on the Google folder.

I think the restart did work actually but it took at least an hour or two. I do see the Team Drives folder and its content now.

To answer your question, they do have content.

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Hi @noam,
Thanks for the follow-up!

Can you send over a diagnostic? I just want to take a closer look at things. The folder should show up fairly quickly, under normal circumstances, because the check is done during link initialization. It may be that odrive was busy in another area, though, and that delayed the pick-up.