Team drive folder keeps disappearing and reappearing

I just updated my odrive (version 6352) so that I could finally use the google team drive option. Unfortunately, as I’m navigating through Team Drive folders to sync them on the desktop version, the entire Team Drive folder disappears. It reappears after ~20-30 seconds but everything is again unsynced and is in the cloud. This has happened continuously 4-5 times, so I’m not sure what’s going wrong. Some help would definitely be appreciated!

Hi @emleung,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu right now and then the next time you see this happen? This isn’t expected, so I want to see if we can dig into it and figure out why.

How often are you seeing this?

I sent some diagnostics yesterday. It seems that whatever was happening isn’t anymore today - perhaps it was some connection issue. Thanks!

Great! Thanks for the update @emleung.

I am thinking it could’ve possibly been a conflict between the old and new versions. When you install a new version and the old version is still running, it is possible for the two versions to end up running at the same time. This would’ve probably caused that bouncing of the Team Drives folder you were seeing, because the old version wouldn’t have seen it, but the new version would’ve.

I have 2 google accounts and while one of them seems to be perfectly fine, the other’s Team Drive folder seems to be in some sort of strange sync loop. It simply disappears and reappears from the local folder every 3-5 seconds rendering ti unusable.

I try syncing everything from that folder and while it’s available, I can see the contents of the synced folders. But it kicks me back to the root folder once it disappears.

I installed the latest version as well to see if that fixed it but no go. Please help!!

Hi @jway,
My guess was that the older version of odrive was still running (the one that did not support Team Drives), at the same time as the newer one, and they were fighting over the listing of the Google Drive root.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu as you are seeing this happen?

When you get a chance, can you also reboot your system, just to make sure everything is cleared out?