Team Drive folder does not exist locally


So I’m attempting to add a new g suite drive account with team drives enabled. I have created a team drive and while I can see it within my odrive web account, it does not show up as a placeholder file locally. I do have the ‘shared with me’ folder which seems to indicate that the account has been added correctly.

Are team drive not supported?


I’m on windows 10 by the way.

The odrive desktop client performs an initial check for any Google Team Drives when it starts-up. If you didn’t have any Team Drives at that time then the Team Drive folder won’t be shown.

It sounds like you have since added at least one Team Drive to your account, so try restarting odrive to see if the Team Drives folder shows up.


Thank you so much. That was the trick! Should have tried that first.

While I have you, it would be great if you can answer another question. The gmail account I have been using with odrive for subscription and for syncing, I will no longer be using for Google Drive, therefore I need to unlink the account.

But it remains an active Google account regardless, so will unlinking effect my subscription?


You’ll want to make sure that the account you use to sign in to odrive is always valid. You can change this from this page (under SIGNED IN WITH):

It sounds like the Google account will still be valid, but you just want unlink the associated Google Drive. This is perfectly fine. You can unlink any storage at any time from the main link listing page here:

Unlinking the storage will not affect the sign-in capabilities. For example, you can sign-up with Google, which will auto-link the associated Google Drive storage for convenience, but you can immediately unlink the Google Drive storage from your odrive account and still login with that Google account.

Just keep in mind that unlinking storage will sync with any desktop clients and remove the associated folder from odrive on your local systems.


Thank you so much for your prompt support. We love odrive and it has been working very smoothly for us since the beginning.

Again, while I have you, it would be great you could point to any resource/documentation that provides info about the share/encryption tab I found when accessing the account. I never noticed them before and would like to know what those are about.

Thanks again!

No problem!

You can find information about these features in our usage guide and on our main page: