Synology NAS and Seagate Personal Cloud apps

Would be interesting having an Seagate Personal Cloud and Synology NAS Odrive apps!

Thanks for reaching out. Are you thinking of an interface to NAS, or an agent that would reside on the NAS itself? Can you describe your use case for me?


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Hi @Tony! I just want a intuitive way to sync the NAS’s with the cloud. As an example Seagate and Synology NAS’s have third party apps that you can instal and use inside their platform.



You can currently use Pro Sync to link in NAS via the desktop client.

We also have plans to release a “scriptable” odrive agent interface as an advanced client for odrive. ARM linux binaries are planned as part of that, in addition to x86, x86_64.

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Nice to know that you guys are always working on new stuff @Tony!

I was reading about Synology NAS software and they already support Amazon Cloud Drive sync! Sure thats not the same of Odrive, progressive sync and other many amazing features that just Odrive has. But its a way!


We hope to see this “scriptable” odrive agent interface soo!