Syncing One File at a Time


I have quite a lot of files in my odrive folder, some of them are rather big (more than 1GB), so they take a long time to sync.
The thing is, odrive attempts to sync about 10 files simultaneously, so the bandwidth is shared among all these files, which means it needs to run without interruption for hours in order to manage to fully upload a single large file. The result is that the big files are never uploaded and the small files take longer than they should.

Is there a way to configure odrive to only upload one or two files at a time, or to tell it specifically which file I want it to upload?



By default we should only be uploading 1 file at a time if it is larger than 100MB. You can get into cases where more than 1 file uploads at a time if all of the files are in different folder structures and an action takes place that causes odrive to prioritize a scan of the folder, initiating another upload action in there if there are dirty files.

Can you try this:
Restart odrive and then let it run, undisturbed, including avoiding navigation into the folders with dirty files. Do you still see concurrent large file uploads when looking at the tray menu?

Is this on Windows?



I did as you asked, and yes, it is attempting to sync multiple large files: 5 files already have an upload percentage stated next to their names and a couple more are in the “Syncing” list but it seems the upload hasn’t started yet.

I’m using Windows 10.


Thanks. If this is still happening can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?


Sent. Nothing happened after I pressed “Send report” though, don’t know if there should have been some confirmation message or something.


This happens all the time with me too @Tony! On windows 10 and sometimes on Mac OS X too, both running the latest odrive version.


Thanks for the information guys. There are scenarios where this can happen when large files are distributed into many different folders. We are looking at ways to enhance the upload flow, especially for bulk file upload of large files.


Hi Tony,

Has this issue been fixed? If yes, what rev? I am still experiencing this exact issue as described in the first post.



I missed this previously, but this is being worked on at the moment. It will be in our next major release.


Hi @Tony,

Can you let us know the version no. of your next major release?
I am using prod 6149 on Mac and still experiencing this exact issue.



hi @makechoice,
We haven’t released it yet, but we will announce when we do.


Hi Tony,

Is this feature released yet? If not, any eta? My files are still stacked up and will not get uploaded…



Hi @bdelveaux,
It is still being worked on. If you are in a situation where you can’t get files uploaded, please consider moving the unsynced files out to another location and then copying them into the odrive folder in “chunks”/sections, to avoid more concurrency than is reasonable for your setup.


Title sais it all :slight_smile:
It’s just, when I upload a large file and I suddenly have to leave, I’d rather have 1 file uploaded 100% than e.g. 2 at 50% (which he then in turn has to start all over again)



Hi @christophk2,
Please see the above posts for some info on this. It is something we are improving in the next major release.


thx! You can delete my thread


Do you have an ETA for the next major release referred to in December? Seems like we should already be there.
I still have this problem, others too. Any info with expected dates would be appreciated. It has probably been too long to give us another “it’s coming soon” answer.


Hi @bdelveaux,
Take a look at this post. It is currently the best answer I can give on this:

Thanks for your patience!


So, it has been a year now, I still have not completed one complete sync (upload). You are now asking for more money and there is no date for the fix. I’m out… I’ll look for a different solution.



Has the 1-file-at-a-time feature been included yet?

This recent problem with Amazon Cloud had brought this to the forefront for me.
I’ve got many large files that start to download at the same time and so they restart, restart, restart and never finish.

At present, I’m using the Amazon Cloud Drive webpage interface, which defeats the purpose of odrive, but it works, where odirve fails.

A “1-file-at-a-time” (both upload and download) control is really necessary, in addition to a safeguard from deleting all local files when Amazon sends a “empty folder, delete all files” message.