Syncing of Alias (Shortcuts) on Mac

So I’ve noticed that when I Sync alias files (shortcuts) on a Mac, oDrive instead will upload the actual file in place instead of just the shortcut.

This is proving a huge issue when working with video files as my editing program (Final Cut Pro) will save shortcuts within the ‘Library file’ (20MB) to all the video links. But instead now when it uploads it will load original video content, pushing the size up to 2GB and more. This is a huge issue for taking up valuable storage space, plus increases download and upload times dramatically,

Can this be resolved?

Hi @anarchyconcepts,
Sorry to hear this is causing issues for you. odrive will follow symlinks/aliases/junctions, so this is expected behavior.

We have previous talked about the possibility of allowing users to choose if they want to follow these types of file/folder references or not. I will let the product team know there is another use case for this.

Yeah that functionality would be perfect.

I’ve avoided a lot of issues with cache and backup uploads by hosting them outside of odrive, in a separate area on the HDD. But this is the final hurdle I have to being able to save, share and collaborate effectively.

My only work-around atm is to ZIP the library file for now periodically. But I am worried about mistakes occurring.

Any timeline on this feature?

Hi @anarchyconcepts,
We don’t have anything planned at this time, but it is something we are considering for the future.