Syncing multiple folders


Can you please advise how can I sync multiple sub folders from within a folder. Say a folder has 20 subfolders, and I would like to sync a few of them. As of now the only way I can do this is by right clicking on each one and choosing to sync and then repeat the process with every other folder (one by one).

Is there a way I could select all the folders I want to sync and then sync them all in one go.

This seems like a very basic feature. Am I missing something here?

Hi @subhashishkar,
Multi-select + right-click-> is a limitation in odrive. If you attempt to do it it will only sync one of the selected items.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Has this been fixed? on Mac.

I have a folder with 700 folders and each of the 700 folders has about 5 files each. So I am trying to select like 10 at a time and right click sync with subfolders, it only does the first one of 10 I’ve selected.

This is still outstanding. Are you wanting to sync down all 700, or is your use case that you need to sync 10 specific folders, every so often?

No, I can’t just sync the main folder because if I download all 700 files it will be over 2TB and my hard drive is not that big. So I need to do 50 at a time then unsync.

Hi @nicholas,
I see. Since this is on a Mac we could probably script up something really quick. Are the folders named in a predictable pattern that could be used to segment to groups of 50?

Is this problem solved yet. I have to transfer Data between to oneDrive Accounts and there are a lot of subfolders…

Hi @randolf.hoffmann,
If you are trying to sync a whole drive, you can select a top-level folder and choose a recursive sync:

Perfekt! That’s what I was looking for. THANK YOU so much :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

Thought I’d highjack this thread instead of making a new one.

I was wondering if this funtionality has been added yet? I was just trying to sync certain folders within many and oDrive seems to only want to download single folders at a time.

Hi @swilkie1983,
This is still a limitation.

Is this something that will be resolved in odrive2?