Syncing mismatched folders

Use case is…

I have a cloud folder AND local folder each with 300 files.
About 200 files are shared, but 100 files are unique to each folder.
I want odrive to sync the folders, resulting in 400 files both folders.

What I thought I could do is simply:

  1. turn off syncing
  2. move my local folder to replace the .cloudf file in my mounted odrive
  3. turn on syncing
  4. let odrive copy local->cloud and cloud->local whereever files are missing.

This did not work however.
This missing files do not fill in.

Is this supposed to work? Am I doing something wrong?
(I’m on linux using odrive agent server)

Nevermind - I figured this out.

My problem was that I tested this by deleting files with odrive on, and they placed in the odrive trash… so would not sync.

After I started over, and completed steps above - it seems to successfully have filled in the ‘gaps’ and file counts match in both folders.

Great! I’m glad to hear you were able to get everything lined up @sav74sac. Thanks for the follow-up.