Syncing Google Team Drives and file type exclusions

We have recently rolled out to using Google Team Drives (now called ‘Shared Drives’) across our organisation. As a media company, we use a lot of large files from 3dsmax, Autocad, Photoshop etc). Photoshop files (PSD) can be as large as 2GB quite easily.
We have occasional issues, mainly from AutoCAD and 3dsmax (not sure at this stage if this affects other applications) where saving an open file temporarily creates a file as it saves, before then creating the save file and deleting the temp file. Google Drive File Stream starts to sync this ‘temp’ file and gets confused when the file is then automatically deleted by the application. This can cause application and system crashes, and sometimes data loss.
We think we could solve these sorts of problems if we could prevent certain file types from being synced in the first place (excluding ‘.sv$’ files for example), but Google Drive File Stream doesn’t allow this, and Google support have provided absolutely no help at all.
Would odrive allow us to exclude certain file types from syncing?

Hi @richard.birket,
We have an advanced setting that allows you to specify exclusions for extensions.

You can find this advanced configuration file in the root of the odrive folder with the name “odrive_user_premium_conf.txt”. Inside there are a few settings, but it sounds like the one you want is “blackListExtensions”. This is a standard JSON file, so you can add extensions to this list. Just remember that each new line will need a comma at the end except the last one. There are examples in the file to help.

This conf file will not show up the very first time you start odrive after a new install, but it will on subsequent starts. When you edit the file, save it and then restart odrive for the setting to take effect.

Thanks Tony - we haven’t actually implemented odrive yet as we are investigating costs and options.

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No problem @richard.birket! Just let us know if you have any other questions.