Syncing from an external harddrive, solidstate drive and sd card

Is it safe to sync data using odrive from an external harddrive, solidstate drive or sd card? While I plan to have it ejected most of the time, I want to make sure I have a copy of it in the cloud.

what are the pros and cons? what is the proper way of doing this without losing any data?

Hi @digiform,
We support syncing to external drives via the “sync to odrive” feature. Since odrive will periodically scan the drive, you will want to factor that in.

SD cards, for example, tend to be more unreliable that other storage mediums, and could fail more quickly when used as part of a sync relationship. Here is another post that discusses this a bit more:

Thanks for clarifying Tony.

Would it be safe to sync from the external harddrive , as long as I end the sync relationship before ejecting harddrive each time?

Hi @digiform,
You don’t need to remove the sync relationship. If the mount goes missing, odrive will mark it as invalid until it is restored. You will want to make sure there is nothing pending sync or actively syncing before removing it, though.

I would suggest trying this to see the behavior, first-hand.

Can I add the odrive folder to an external drive so it can sync into encrypted containers?

Hi @digiform,
We don’t officially support moving the default odrive folder to an external drive because it can cause some performance issues. That being said, there are a number of users who have done it and found that it works just fine for their use cases.