Syncing copies and unsyncing

I’m using Resilio Sync to backup files from my phone to my computer.

I have auto unsync set to 1 month.

What happens to folders that are unsynced, when new files are added to them? So let’s say my phone has new files in that folder and then transfers them over to my computer, how does that all work out? I haven’t really watched/monitored this.

What happens to duplicate files (i.e. share the same name) when they’re placed in a folder where there cloudf twin lives in? E.g. ABCD.mp4 wasn’t deleted last time and is synced to the Camera folder, where it existed before but was changed to ABCD.cloudf, so now you have both.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @slowdriver,
I may not be totally clear on the question, but I will answer what I think you are asking.

If you have unsynced a folder so that it is now a .cloudf placeholder file and then you create a new folder alongside it, the new folder will take the place of the placholder .cloudf and it will essentially work the same as if you had double-clicked on the .cloudf placeholder to expand the folder.

So, if your application is saving files from your phone, and is placing those files into a folder structure that was previously unsynced, the files will be saved correctly, and the folder that the application creates takes the place of the placeholder that was representing that folder previously.

The same applied to files. If there was a file named ABCD.mp4 that was unsynced, and then you copy a new ABCD.mp4 into the same folder, the new file will be uploaded as a update to the old ABCD.mp4 file. If you are using a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, then you could consider this a new “version” of that file.

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Thank you Tony. That answers my question.

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