Syncing Bitrix24 Docs

Following from my earlier post re Zoho Docs, syncing Bitrix24 Docs would be great as well. This very feature-rich service is gaining in popularity and would be good to add to odrive.

Hi again,

Same response as with Zoho Docs–there are no current plans to support Bitrix24 Docs yet, but if others who want it can chime in, it will help.

Bitrix24 does have some WebDAV support, but their implementation is nonstandard… it was pretty much built only so you could use it with Windows Explorer. It doesn’t really work with other WebDAV clients, odrive included.

Perhaps in the meantime, you can nudge them to support WebDAV more fully? Or perhaps get them to support SFTP or FTP?


Thanks Jeff, I shall nudge…

Me too. Supposedly Bitrix24 has over 1M organizations using it, which should be several million users. I think it’s at critical mass.