Syncing/Backup an external Hard drive connected to the router?

Hi Guys!

Is there any odrive feature that i can backup or sync an external HD conected to the router, in a way that i can turn off my computer and leave the odrive syncing/backing up through the router? I’m not familiar with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV… I just know that they are odrive sync features.

My router is the TP-LINK - Archer C9 (AC1900):

The router has some options like FTP Server and possibility to share local, files and media within the network and between devices, everything through USB 3.0.

I want to sync/backup this external hard drive to Amazon Cloud Drive.


You would need something to drive the sync between the hard drive and the cloud. Currently that would be the desktop client since there isn’t anything that can run on the router (an it is doubtful that there will be in the future). Alternatives for lightweight odrive clients, however, are a possibility in the future.

If you are looking to push up your data to Amazon Cloud Drive, the easiest way right now would be to use the desktop client to do it by plugging that HD into your system and using odrive pro sync.

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Ok @Tony! Thanks for the reply.

I thought i could use the odrive FTP option to send the files strait to Amazon Cloud Drive without the computer. With a link or something. The problem is that I don’t want to leave my computer on all day and night long to sync mine 4TB of data. Because of energy consumption and hardware deterioration (i live near the beach, so a lot of moisture end sea salt in my gadgets).

Thanks anyway! :wink: