Syncing and Unsyncing linked Folders

I’m not sure what title would make the most sense for this, but I use Resilio Sync to backup files from my phone to my odrive folders. If I were to Unsync some files and then sync via Resilio again, would that result in duplicate files, as Resilio would notice that my files were “missing” (assuming that I didn’t delete the original files from my phone)?

Hi @slowdriver,
If the file is the same name, size, and date as the already-synced file, then it should not resync the file, and instead will just replace the placeholder file with the new one you copied in. Even if the files had changed in size or date, it would be an update, instead of a duplicate, assuming the names are the same.

Since I am not familiar with Resilio, I would suggest unsyncing a couple files in odrive and re-copying them using Resilio and see what happens.

Ok, thank you. I’ll provide an update here.

I would suggest getting acquainted with Resilio if you guys deal with lots of files, as my two cents.