Syncing 1gb+ file keeps restarting

I have an MP4 that is over 1 gig. I am set to not split the file into pieces. The file uploads to 100% and then starts over and never actually gets uploaded. I just installed the upgrade. Any ideas??

Hi Bruce,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and provide me with the filename that is looping?


I sent diagnostic. FIle name is Liz Oppedijk VC1.mp4

We are taking a look. I see a couple of network exceptions that would’ve restarted sync. Did you happen to stop sync at all while this file was uploading?

In the meantime, you can try uploading this via the web client, instead, and see if it has better success. odrive will see it once it is up there (if it can get up that way) and should consider it synced

The Web upload failed also.

Did you try the web upload via the odrive web client or the OneDrive web client?
Is this file being opened or accessed by any other applications?
Do you have auto-unsync enabled? If so, can you please disabled it temporarily?

Let’s try this:
Move this file from the odrive folder and place it in a temporary location.
Restart odrive
Move the file back into odrive.
Let it run, without interacting with it, for a couple of hours.
Send a diagnostic.

I would like to see a “pure” run, which may be able to better help me see where the problem is.


I appreciate all your help, but I cannot spend more time on this. I recreated the file and was able to upload that one.

I do appreciate all your help. It is a pleasure dealing with you.

Just for clarity, making a copy of the file allowed the copy to upload just fine?

Very strange. Do you know if there were any other applications that were interacting with that file, at all?

Not a copy. I took the original raw footage that I run through a converter to combine multiple originals into one. I redid that re-crreation and that one uploaded.

I appreciate the follow-up.
What you describe seems to indicate that something unique was happening to that particular file.
Just let me know if you run into it again.