Synching external folder to Amazon cloud drive

I have the paid version. I am trying to sync my Pictures folder which contains a subfolder called Lightroom Photos. Changes recently made to that folder including creating a new subfolder are not showing up the o-drive placeholder folder. I tried remove sync and then re-doing “sync to o-drive” and they still aren’t there. I can show you a screen shot to show that the directories don’t match. Obviously if they aren’t showing up in the local o-drive/amazon cloud directory they aren’t going to get uploaded.

Hi @rwortman2,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and tell me the local path of the files that are not syncing properly?

I guess replying to emails didn’t work. I did attempt to send that diagnostic. I got a kickback email from Microsoft. The folders that are not syncing are in this directory. I can say exactly which ones but I have noticed many discrepancies. It seems like maybe it stopped some time in March.
C:\Users\Bob Wortman\Pictures\Lightroom photos

Hi @rwortman2,
I do see an issue in the configuration for that sync folder. I’d like to try to reset it.

It is possible to do the following?

  1. Make a backup of the “C:\Users\Bob Wortman\Pictures\Lightroom photos” folder to another, safe location. This is just a precaution since I want to make sure that we have some redundancy in place before everything gets synced up. If we get everything working and synced you can get rid of this backup.

  2. Right-click on the “C:\Users\Bob Wortman\Pictures\Lightroom photos” folder and select “remove sync”. This will remove the sync relationship from that folder, but retain all of the local files.

  3. Right-click on “C:\Users\Bob Wortman\Pictures\Lightroom photos” again and select “sync to odrive” and set it up like it was before, pointing it at the same exact remote folder.

This should “reset” the sync relationship and start syncing your files again. It may take a while since that folder looks to be very large. Once you have performed all of the steps above, can you send another diagnostic so I can confirm it resolved the issue I am seeing?

I didn’t need to make the backup because I do a full image of the system drive once a week. I tried what you suggested and it still isn’t working. FYI that actual “sync to odrive” is one folder up on the Pictures folder. Other subfolders seem to by syncing but not the Lightroom Photos folder. As before the local folder with the placeholder folders and files in it shows nothing new since I first set it up other than the one folder I manually uploaded 10 days ago to get the pictures on line for posting.

Hi @rwortman2,
It is a strange error I am seeing and I’m not sure the cause.

Would you be up for a reinstall of the odrive client and then re-creating the “sync to odrive” folders?

If that’s the next thing to try. I have to remember what folders I am syncing. Do I have to manually delete the placeholder folders?

Hi @rwortman2,

No. You can leave them. odrive will deal with them when it encounters them.

Awakening this thread. The summer got real busy and I never tried reinstalling. Am I going to lose my premium credentials when I do this and have to go digging to find some year old email or is that stored on your server and associated with my login?

Hi @rwortman2,
Your Premium subscription is tied to your account (you can install odrive on as many machines as you like). You’ll just need to login as the same user.

You can see what account you are using for login by going to the odrive menu under “Authorized User”.

I forgot to look back at your email about looking up the authorized user. I uninstalled and now I don’t have the premium subscription. I tried a couple of login methods and can’t find it. I know I paid for it and it was working but I don’t remember when. I have not reinstalled because I don’t want to start a one week trial of premium under another account if I have one out there that is paid up.

Don’t know why that last post was under a different user name. Hmm I am still rwortman2 but that is another email address I use.

I guess this was a clue as this is the account with the premium subscription.

Hi @mcycletraveler,
It sounds like you’ve sorted it out, but I just want to make sure. Were you able to get back to your Premium account?

Yes, I was. While setting the cloud backups up again I noticed that I had the offending folder connected to two different on line cloud drives. Could this have been causing my problem?

Hi @mcycletraveler,
Yes, that is actually an unusual configuration to have since we normally block that ability. This is when you are setting up “sync to odrive” folders?

Yes, I guess. I noticed when I was reconfiguring the “sync to Odrive” folders that there was a place holder for the picture folder in my Amazon drive folder and the Onedrive folder. I don’t recall doing that on purpose but somewhere along the line I guess I did. Not sure. I might have started using Onedrive and then moved to Amazon. At any rate, it is synced to Onedrive now and working. I suppose I could remove that and sync to Amazon to test it but I am loathe to mess with something that’s working and I have plenty of room on Onedrive.

Thanks for the additional information @mcycletraveler!

Definitely no need to change things up if you have it the way you need it.