"Synch to Odrive" not working after odrive crash

Odrive just crashed, and it is no longer syncing folders in my home directory which were set up with “Synch to Odrive”. The files are still there, but nothing’s synching. Are there any negatives to just selecting “Synch to Odrive” again? (e.g. will I have duplicate copies on the remote storage, or will it download everything again?).

Also, I’m a bit nervous about using this feature again now that it’s failed. Would it be more reliable to use symlinks in my home directory that point to folders in my magic odrive directory?

Hi @allen,
If odrive somehow lost the existing “sync to odrive” relationships, you can just reapply them. That would be the best way and odrive will merge the local and remote content, determining what is already synced and what needs to be synced.

We don’t officially support symlinks for a few reasons, so I would not recommend going that route.

This is definitely an unexpected scenario, though. The sync relationships are persisted within a database in the user’s profile directory and should remain unless something happened to the database files. They are pretty resilient to unexpected exits/shutdowns, but I have seen issues if there are any hard drive issues or out-of-storage issues, where the databases can’t be properly written to.

Can you describe the crash you experienced? When this happened did you seem to lose all of your odrive configurations (and need to re-authenticate, for example) or did you just lose the “sync to odrive” definitions?

Yes. I lost everything and had to reauthenticate. I don’t know exactly what went wrong. The Odrive client just stop responding to input, and I had to force-quit it. When I rebooted, the connections were gone. Are there log files I could send you?

Hi @allen,
Can you send a diagnostic so I can take a look at the configuration? I don’t think I’ll be able to determine exactly what went wrong, but it sounds like something happened to the database files I was talking about earlier, so the machine configuration was lost or became invalid.

Fortunately, if something does happen to the databases, it is fairly easier to get odrive back to where you were, especially with “sync to odrive” folders.

Just sent it. Also, I had just gotten a new machine and installed odrive on it (which put three machines into the system, all syncing with each other). Don’t know if that’s causal, but it’s more info.

Thanks @allen!

Adding another machine should have no noticeable effect on the previous ones, at least not in this way.

Everything looks okay in the diagnostic. At this point I would say to just keep an eye on things and let me know if you notice any more odd behavior.