Synch pc folder with a google shared drive folder

It is OK to synch a PC folder with one of my Google Drive folder with powershell.
I can’t figure out how to synch a PC folder with a Google Shared Drive folder

I tried the following
D:.odrive-agent\bin\odrive mount “D:\FirstLevelFolder\SecondLevelFolder\FolderToSynch” …

… “/Shared Drives/FolderToSynch”
… “/Team Drives/FolderToSynch”
… “/Google Drive/Team Drives/FolderToSynch”

I always get this message in powershell: “… The remote path is invalid.”
Any help on how to script a google shared folder?

Thanks and regards

updated odriveagent from v850 to v951
and using the folloqing syntax
… “/Google Drive/Team Drives/FolderToSynch”

Hi @phm1,
I’m glad you were able to get it sorted! Just let us know if you need anything.