Sync works for upload, but not download

I have on two Windows 10 machines. If I add a file on computer A, the file gets uploaded to the cloud (verified). It does this quickly and automatically (ie. exactly what I want).

However, when it comes to downloading this new file to computer B, it takes hours for odrive to try and download the file. There’s no function in odrive to “force” the update like there is with Google Drive.

How can I fix this?

Is the destination folder on the on Computer B set to sync all ?
Did you try ‘refresh’ on Computer B?

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Hi @jrwrigh.iii,

Can you tell me a little bit about your setup?

Depending on the storage, it can take a while for odrive to see that there are remote changes in a folder. This is because some storage does not have the ability to ask it for recent changes so odrive has to look at every folder, periodically. You mentioned Google Drive, which has the ability to ask for changes, so this shouldn’t be an issue if you are using it as your remote storage here.

Hey guys, sorry for the wait (I was expecting to get an email when someone replied, but didn’t).

Turns out I was referencing the wrong folder for the issue I was facing most recently. I’ve ran into it before, so I’ll check on the “sync all” setting if I run into it again.

All the cloud storage is Google Drive based.

Thanks for the follow-up @jrwrigh.iii. You can just ping this thread if you see it again. It may help to send off a diagnostic from the odrive menu, when you do, along with the path that is having issues with reflection, so I can take a closer look at things.