Sync to odrive on a single file

Sorry if I’m being stupid, but as a new user of odrive I’m struggling to sync a single file within a mac folder. I dont want to sync the whole folder, just a single file, but when I right click it just says ‘no options available’ as is the infinity pull down on the finder. I want to sync in place using the premium feature.


Hi @andrewnorton,
The “sync to odrive” feature needs to be anchored to a folder and can’t be done at the file-level at this time.

I don’t believe this particular use has been mentioned before. Would you care to share your use case?


I have a folder on my iMac that contains a bunch of unimportant stuff along with a few folders and individual files that I want to store on a cloud service for backup/security and keep in sync with changes on the mac. I didnt want to sync the parent folder as that would also sync all the other crap in there that I’m not interesterd in storing on the cloud!

In the end I just synced the parent folder and put up with the crap syncing too - which doesnt matter too much with the unlimited Amazon Drive quota.

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Appreciate the feedback @andrewnorton. Unlimited storage definitely allows easy decision-making in many cases. :wink: