Sync to odrive on a file-by-file basis

Sync any folder in any location in your computer to the cloud. That feature of odrive is awesome, I really liked it, but I don’t wanna pay until odrive can host its own cloud storage system. When I use odrive as a distribution tool to distribute files to multiple clouds, I feel overwhelmed and it’s a terrible experience to look for which file is in which cloud. I also don’t need all the files that needed to be synced copied to a local odrive folder to take up my disk space.

The odrive I would pay for is: You can sync any folder in any location of your system. You don’t need to copy them to a local sync folder. You just right click on the file you wanna sync, then select “sync to cloud”, then that would establish a “sync upon file change” real-time sync relationship between the selected folder and the cloud. And the cloud needs to be one cloud. I don’t want to look for my files in lots of clouds, or say, have a feeling like my files are everywhere on the internet.

odrive will aggregate all your clouds into one folder on your computer. You can find everything in one place so there is no need to hunt for files across storage providers.

The premium subscription offers the ability to sync any folder to any storage linked to your odrive. The relationship is at the folder level and all changes are synchronized. Since the files are synchronized to odrive, you will also be able to find those files in one place in your odrive folder.

The premium subscription also lets you “unsync” files and folders. This turns files into placeholder files. This means you don’t have to make copies of everything in your cloud on your computer. You can sync just the files you need and unsync everything else.

I think the above covers your requirements. You can test it out risk free. Upgrade to premium. If you don’t like it, you can cancel within 30 days for a full automatic refund.