'sync to odrive' in Linux?

I’m currently using odrive for multiple machines, and will soon be turning it on on my NAS. For multiple reasons, the files in the NAS can’t move to a new hierarchy. I was hoping that the Linux client would support the ‘sync to odrive’ capability that is in the OS X client. Is that at all possible in the Linux client?

Hi @cdl,
The Linux client “kind of” has a “sync to odrive” feature. It allows you to define an arbitrary local mount point and remote destination. You can only define one, though.

The agent “mount” command is given a local folder and a remote folder. It created a sync relationship based on that.

Alternatively, there are folks that will map their NAS as a network volume to Windows or Mac and then use the odrive Desktop “sync to odrive” for that.

thx. that may work (option 1)