Sync to odrive for NAS (NFS) directory

I’m using the premium version and trying to sync a sub-directory from a NAS (mounted via NFS). When I right click on this there is no entry to “Sync to odrive”

If I right click on a directory on my local HDD this menu is present, but the NAS directories are the reason for purchasing odrive for me.


Hi @cpn_farrell,
Is this on MacOS?
Is the NAS mounted with write permissions under /Volumes?
If the NAS was mounted after odrive started, you may need to restart odrive and then reload the Finder extension (if on MacOS), by toggling it under System Preferences->Extensions. Uncheck the odrive extension, wait 60 seconds then check it again.


Yes, it is MacOS.

The NAS mount is not under /Volumes. It is under /nas/photos and I am trying to sync a sub-directory of the NAS (not the whole mount).

The NAS was mounted before I installed/started odrive (and I’ve rebooted as well).


Hi @cpn_farrell,
Thanks for the additional info.

odrive restricts the folders it monitors to prevent unnecessary filesystem events noise and indexing overhead. Since MacOS mounts are typically found under /Volumes, that is where odrive looks for external mounts when registering the Finder extensions.

To get odrive to recognize a mount outside of /Volumes, you can use the CLI mount command like so:
python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) mount /nas/photos /Storage_Link/nas/photos

The python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) part is just a programmatic way to get to the CLI client that will work regardless of what version of odrive you have installed. Using the explicit path with the latest release, the command would be:
python $HOME/.odrive/bin/6542/ mount /nas/photos /Storage_Link/nas/photos

You will need to change the /Storage_Link/photos part to the actual remote path of the photos folder you want to sync to.

Thank you. I hadn’t realized that mount in the cli was the same as sync in the GUI.

I had been playing around with the cli and discovered the backup command which appears to be only in the CLI. In this case I really only care about 1-way sync (from my NAS to Amazon Cloud Drive). Is the backup option equivalent in that case and would it be less resource intensive?

Thanks again.

Hi @cpn_farrell,
The backup command in the CLI is an early beta of a backup feature we wanted to fully release, but never did.

It was intended to provide a solution to those who do not want a full sync, so it is less intensive. Just keep in mind that is is not an “official” feature, so it is a little bit rough.

I wrote some information about it here, if you are interested: