"Sync to Odrive" and selective sync between multiple computers

A question about “sync to odrive” and selective sync between multiple computers:

Current Setup:
-iMac at home hardwired to internet and hardwired to RAID storage where all digital media is stored.
-MacBook Pro with limited drive space - daily use in office and also in the field.
-Amazon Drive unlimited storage
-oDrive Premium

I have a folder with photo RAW files on my RAID (connected through the iMac). I right click on that folder and select “sync to odrive” and go through the process of uploading it to a folder on my Amazon Drive called “backup”. Let’s say that everything has uploaded into my backup folder.

If I were to selectively sync this “backup” folder to my MBP, and while in the field open a raw file using a program such as photoshop, make changes to it, and export let’s say a .jpg file to the same folder “backup” - will that file then upload back to my Amazon Drive, and then to my RAID?

In other words I want to be able to potentially access the files of my RAID through a selective sync on my mobile laptop, but want to be sure if I make those changes while in the field, when I get home, those changes will be reflected on my RAID.

According to the odrive website (https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-sync) “Any content changes in Downloads on your computer will be synced up to the corresponding Downloads folder on your Amazon Drive above, and vice versa.”

I want to be sure I’m understanding this correctly and that “sync to odrive” is in fact a 2 way sync.

Yes, that’s correct. Sync to odrive is two way sync and should work perfectly in your use case.

I believe changes you make (in backup folder under odrive folder) using MBP will first get uploaded to Amazon and then you can sync those changes to your iMAC RAID storage mounted “backup” folder as per your needs using odrive.

Please make sure your odrive auto-download settings are “Always Download” on your iMAC -OR folder options are set to sync “Everything” including sub-folders against your RAID storage mounted “backup” folder if you want to sync those files automatically and have them ready for open in your iMAC.


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