"Sync to odrive" and "odrive" directory. Hard links?

When I sync a directory in my home directory to odrive by right clicking and picking “sync to odrive,” that directory also appears in my odrive folder in the subdirectory associated with the backing store. If I expand out the cloudf and cloud files, I now see the parent directory and files in two places. For example, I see it in ~/myDir/file.txt and ~/odrive/Dropbox/myDir/file.txt . The two files do stay in sync with each other.

My question is: are these two different files that synchronized through the cloud (and take up twice the disk space), or is it a single file hard linked to both places? I have noticed that, when I delete from one source, the file eventually disappears from the other, but that could happen regardless of how it’s physically stored.

Hi @allen,
odrive considers these separate sync mounts, so they are treated independently. You can think of them as separate sync relationships.

The default odrive folder will always be able to show everything you have in your odrive account.
The “sync to odrive” folders can be used to create targeted sync relationships with folders outside of the default odrive folder.

Generally you will want to leave the default folder’s view of that data unsynced if you are using a “sync to odrive” folder for the same remote location.