Sync then Unsync


I’d like to suggest you add the ability to mark a file as “sync then unsync” - essentially push then delete.

The use case is…
I have large file from some source that I want to store to my cloud provider but don’t want to keep locally. Since the file is large it both takes a while to transmit to the cloud and also because of its size I don’t want to keep a local copy.

Having this option will let me do my transmit to cloud without having to remember to go back (hours) later to unsync the file(s).



Thanks for the suggestion. We do have the ability to set auto-unsync on files. It applies to all files, instead of a specified file, but it may be of interest to you:

Additionally, there is a blog post I published a while ago that delves into the CLI. Its a more advanced topic, but I have an example script in there that shows how to unsync based on date, size, and extension. It would be possible to use this for files over a specified size with a scheduled task running every so often.

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In search of something simple and easy for the masses, or even a menu item. Your example of “Sync & Automatically Unsync” is close… it’s just missing one more “Auto” option: “Immediate”. That’s what’s being asked for. Someone who wants to Unsync Immediately usually has a reason for not wanting to wait even until the next day.

Thanks @jimmyostrove for the feedback, we will forward your suggestion to the relevant product team for review.