Sync specific folder on PC to specific folder on Google Drive

I reinstalled odrive. I had it setup to sync a specific folder on my pc to a specific folder on my google drive. I can’t seem to specify this again when I reinsatlled odrive. When I specified a local folder it put an “odrive folder” in that folder as opposed to selecting that folder. Also I don’t know how to specify a folder on my google drive. How do I do this?

Thank you for the help.

Hi @leprechaun,
It sounds like you may have used the “move odrive folder” feature instead of the “sync to odrive” feature.

Take a look at the documentation for those here:
Move odrive folder:

Sync to odrive:

For sync to odrive, you would want to right-click on the local folder you want to sync and select “sync to odrive” to kick it off.

Thank you for responding. I tried clicking on “sync to odrive” but it won’t let me since the folder I chose is inside the current chosen folder (which I don’t want). Also how do I chose the location in my google drive?

Hi @leprechaun

I am not clear on what you mean here. Can you describe this a bit more? Maybe a screenshot of the current configuration?

You may need to reset your configuration in order to accomplish what you want to do.

Once you choose “sync to odrive” it will step you through the process.

How do I reset my config? I think that will solve my problem.

Hi @leprechaun,
If you select “Authorized User” -> “Deauthorize” from the odrive menu, that will reset everything and ask you to login again. From there you’ll be starting fresh and can setup your sync folders the way you want.