Sync settings - include subfolders + new files and folders


I connected dropbox to odrive and expected to have ALL the files (including new files and directories) synchronized. Since the trial period expired, I am no longer able to do the sync dialogue lets me know that save and apply to new folders is a premium feature.

Let me be clear - I do not intend to have separate rules for the various directories. I merely want to have all my files in sync all the time. One setting, for all, all the time, ideally without my having to start a sync manually. This is what your documentation suggests - so is this a bug or did I miss the fine print somewhere?

Many thanks for your help and clarifications,

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Hi @tmilencovici,
The free version will reflect any new files/folders that are added remotely as placeholder files. This means they will not be downloaded automatically. You can right-click->sync on a folder, at any time, to kick off a recursive sync job to download everything in the specified path, however.

Here is some information laying of the specifics of what is in the free version vs the premium version, with references to relevant info:

Apologies for any confusion.


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