Sync problem with Dropbox/IFTTT folder

I have a Dropbox folder where I store anything created by IFTTT widgets, and in particular my phone photos. I cannot get this folder to sync on my local computer, even if preferences are set at “Download everything”, including subfolders (and “apply to new files and folders” is checked too). My ODrive is set at “never unsync” by default – so it seems everything should be set so that i get every new file on my pc – but the local folder is empty. Note that other Dropbox folders work perfectly.

[Addition: the problem seems to be specific to folders created by IFTTT: I uploaded a file in the same directory from my local system and in appeared online, I deleted it online and it disappeared correctly from my local drive. The same for a folder (and also the other way round: folder created online and synced locally)]

Hi @a.m.buongiovanni,
Is it possible that the files in this folder have some restricted characters in them? See this post for more details:

Are you able to take a screenshot of what the contents of this folder look like from the odrive web client and post here?

Screenshots of the folder and of the content of one subfolder

Thank you


Yep, it was that…, all solved by renaming, too bad I should rename hundreds of files…

Is there any way to bulk rename files on the odrive web client?

Hi @a.m.buongiovanni,
Glad you were able to figure out the root cause. It looks like its that darn colon in the names.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to bulk-rename from the odrive web client. Apologies for the inconvenience.