Sync package as an item instead of a folder

I have an application that stores its data files and database inside a package container. Problem is odrive seems to see it as a normal folder. This means if I use the app on one computer and add/delete/change any files, they are synced to the cloud service and appear as .cloud files on my other computers. Within the app on another computer, when I try to access the new file, it thinks the file is missing.

Could you add the ability to odrive to sync a package as a single item instead of a folder? The point of packages is to the user they appear as a single item (just like application packages). The user should not have to bother opening the package to locate the .cloud file to sync it. Many users don’t even know a package is a special kind of folder so they wouldn’t even know how to open it or with odrive to sync all files and subfolders.


We would love to support turning package files (which are folders with files on disk) into single files for sync. I think we will get there but transactionally synchronizing a set of files as a single file is a significant effort.

In the meantime, we’ve noticed apple apps give you the option to not use package files. That might be an option to check in your app.

Unless you have a better idea of how to transactionally sync a package, odrive already has the functionality to do this.

When you right click on a normal folder and choose Sync, you are presented with a dialog of how much to download, if you want to include subfolders, and apply these settings to any new files/folders.

Could you make odrive detect a package and instead of showing the dialog, it would automatically apply the settings of “Download everything, include subfolders, apply to new files/folders”. This way it would behave the same as it does a regular file.

The app is not mine so I don’t have the ability to change the storage format. The app in this case is Neat from