Sync onedrive on root folder

I have some clouds synced on my computer and each of them has a dedicated partition.
I have a ssd just for onedrive, but official client don’t allow to sync directly in root, it creates a subfolder “OneDrive”, witch is already the name of my ssd drive.
I tired Odrive but it creates an “odrive” folder, so not better for me.
Is there a way to do the root directly sync with onedrive ?

Hi @turbalf,
odrive cannot sync directly to the root of a volume. The reason for this is that Operating Systems tend to treat volume roots a bit differently that other folders, including having special system folders and files in them. It ends up being a source of problems when we try to sync it directly, so we removed the ability to do this.

too bad, google drive allows it so it should be possible.
thanks for the answer !

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