Sync of same name directories isn't working , already exist

I’m at the moment sync my data from different disks with some directory structure but different year , it seems if I sync from “disk1” directory “photos” succesfully it will not sync “disk2” directory “photos” as it said “already exists”.
Since “photos” from “disk1” was already on my cloud I was able to “remove Sync” and start the sync for “disk2”.
Of course both were available on my Cloud on different locations.

How can I avoid this without using to remove it ?


Hi Patrick,

odrive expects a 1 to 1 mapping, so you will need to upload to two different locations/folders in Amazon Cloud first, then copy in to the primary desired location.

So upload “disk1” directory to “photos” and “disk2” directory “photos2” - then you can copy the contents of photo2 to “photo” and delete it.

For example something like:

X:\Photos -> Amazon Drive\Photos to work and then Y:\Photos -> Amazon Drive\drive2\Photos
will be okay

but not
X:\Photos -> Amazon Drive\Photos Y:\Photos -> Amazon Drive\Photos

Hi Eric,

Your solution does not work … here the scenario

mounted Drive as follow as D:/2014
Choose /photos as directory to sync
…> At that moment it ask for the location on the Amazon Drive were to sync
…> Sync Finished

Mounted Second Drive as follow as D:/2015
Choose /photos as directory to sync
…> Receive reply that the sync already exists

Looking at the option “Sync to Drive” I see Open photos folder
I tried to Open Photos folder and receive a message to find it or remove sync

I choose to remove sync and was able to start D/2015 … photos directory sync to a different location on
the Amazone drive


Hi @pdebaene,
Are you still having issues with this or were you able to find a solution?

It sounds like the D:/2015 folder may have already had a relationship setup, which is why it wouldn’t let you create another one?

Yes I found a solution by renaming the directorie using a unique name.

Many Thanks for your support

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