Sync not syncing on all sub folders

We are on the paid subscription and we seem to be encountering syncing issues on occasion. For example right now we are moving folders (mainly SD card archives AVCHD) into the odrive folder and on the outside all the folders look like they are in sync. However going into the folders the indication icon is not there. Checking online it is not there either. We are using a Netgear wireless router and an IPv6. O-drive has crashed a couple of times due to too much content I assume. Shall I send through a report as well?

You will see here I cannot unsync either. Not sure if this is all related?

Hi @stirstudiosdesign
Thanks for reaching out.

If odrive is busy syncing it may not have gotten to new content you have added to odrive (doesn’t know it exists yet). From the image above you can see that “Stop” is listed, which means that folder is in the process of syncing (that is also why you do not see "unsync).

My advice would be to wait until odrive is idle and then check on things. Right now it looks like its busy doing its thing.

OK so this could be normal with this screenshot as well?

Hi @stirstudiosdesign,
If odrive is actively working through syncing then that can be normal. The folders structures are often synced first, then the files after.