Sync not resuming, but starting over? :(

Using Odrive 5421 on Macbook Air (OS 10.11.5).

I was uploading/syncing a 3Gig file with my Google Drive. Halfway through I had to shut down my computer. 2 hours later when I booted up again, rather than continuing the Odrive upload, it suddenly started over again :frowning:

Any idea why?

Hi @rdolmat ,
The odrive Google Drive Integration doesn’t support Google’s specific upload resume implementation at this time, but we are releasing a universal upload resume/infinite file size feature today, that will be usable across all of our 20+ integrations, including Google Drive. Look for a blog post about that later today that goes into a deep dive of the method and format.

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AWES SOME!!! What great timing :smiley: