Sync New Content in Folder Automatically, Google Login

I use oDrive to manage a Google Drive folder that is shared between me and a few other people. When new files are added to that folder, I notice that they stay in the .CLOUDF format until I sync them manually.

Is there way for me to make oDrive automatically sync new files? I found a post from several years ago from Tony mentioning “Sticky Sync” but I don’t see that as an option anywhere.

Also, I’m still experiencing the issue where users who login with Google have to reauthorize each time we try to access oDrive web. Was this ever resolved?

Hi @shlokrshah,
You can use the folder sync rules to set how you want new files and folders within that folder to behave:

For the Google reauthorization, the security flow that Google implements requires this consent confirmation in order to provide us with the tokens we need to make the odrive clients run smoothly against Google storage. We tried work around this in the past, but it wasn’t possible without disrupting the user experience in other areas, unfortunately.

Thanks Tony! I’ve been using the Folder Sync Rules but it didn’t seem to consistently work in the past. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if I experience issues moving forward.

Roger that about the re-authorization. Small inconvenience for the functionality.


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