Sync multiple Google Drive using Linux CLI

I have 5 Google Drive accounts and would like to do a full sync of them onto my computer at home (currently I have Crashplan running to back up the computer, so was hoping for Crashplan to pick up the GDrive changes).

I tried doing the ODrive sync but it gives me the .cloudf files (placeholders). There was a forum topic recently about how to do a full sync of a subdirectory of GDrive. But how do I do a full sync of all of GDrive? Will the google documents etc come down as ODT or DOCX?

Hi @craig,
If you want to download everything, the method is the same as syncing a subfolder, you just start at a higher-level folder. If you want to sync your entire odrive then you would start at the top level of the odrive mount. If you installed using the steps in our documentation ( ), then that would look like this:

exec 6>&1;num_procs=4;output="go"; while [ "$output" ]; do output=$(find "$HOME/odrive-agent-mount/" -name "*.cloud*" -print0 | xargs -0 -n 1 -P $num_procs python "$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/" sync | tee /dev/fd/6); done

This would sync your entire odrive (assuming the odrive agent mount was done at the root of your odrive folder), using 4 concurrent threads.

How are Google Drive documents downloaded? odt? docx?

If by Google Docs, you mean the Google Doc proprietary format files, those can’t be downloaded. They are “online” only.

If you wanted local copies in Office or OpenDocument formats, you would need to export them. You can do that in bulk with something like Google Takeout ( ) and then re-uploading it to Google, via odrive.